Kim Jong Un visited the flooded farmlands

As a result of the element that struck the Korean peninsula, 560 hectares of land were flooded, almost half of which were rice crops. The leader of the Communist People’s Republic of Poland personally went to the place.

Kim Jong Un – as reported by state-run broadcaster KRT – Criticize senior officials For lack of readiness and delayed reaction to flood damage. This is a reaction to information that seawater has destroyed the dam with the sewage system on the west coast.

– The government did not know that in June the local company started illegal construction project To build a sewage system, ie He took no actionAlthough a water leak was detected at the edge of the lock – it thundered. – Irresponsibility and lack of discipline Administrators thrived even in times when special emphasis was placed on Take comprehensive measures nationwide to prevent crop damage – added.

Pyongyang’s new provocations

during the visit Kim Jong Un accused the Prime Minister’s Office From North Korea Kim Tok Hoon announced it The damage was not caused by a natural disasterbut A humanitarian catastrophe caused by irresponsibility and poor discipline” – KCNA reported.

Despite the specter of a food crisis, order is in the country Pyongyang will not de-escalate Geopolitical tension. North Korea conducted a test of strategic cruise missiles launched from a warship. This was noted by the North Korean leader himself, who praised the ship for its maintenance High mobility and tremendous striking power And constant combat readiness.

Near military capabilities test Joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea have begun. In less than two weeks, the two militaries are scheduled to draw up joint action plans in the event of a nuclear and missile attack.

North Korea conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test/KCTV/AFP/France Press agency

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