Elizabeth Born: Russia likely to suspend gas supplies to Europe

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Tracz on REPowerEU: The European Commission has made it clear. We must become independent of Russian gas, coal and oil as soon as possible

In a speech in Aix-en-Provence in the south of the country, the French prime minister also stated that Europe must accelerate environmental transformation and strive to abandon fossil fuels.

Bourne added it in context war In Ukraine, the issue of sovereignty in the field of energy “has become more important than ever.” – I think it is not necessary to deceive ourselves and ignore the seriousness of the situation, the premise that Russia is suspending supplies Gas To Europe most likely – said Elizabeth Bourne.

Climatic changes in the Tatras. Morskie Oko will stop freezing

“Rising gas and oil prices hit the purchasing power of millions”

But she believed that France would be able to deal with the supply disruptions Gas from Russia. – said the head of the French government – it will require the commitment of everyone. She said that in light of rising energy prices from fossil fuels, France should invest in green and nuclear energy. – growing the prices Gas and oil hit the purchasing power of millions of French. We must end this weakness – named Elizabeth Bourne.

France is currently one of the least dependent countries in Europe on Russian energy resources. According to European Commission data, 17 percent of the gas and 13 percent of the oil imported into France comes from Russia. However, experts believe that the sudden suspension of gas supplies from this country could seriously harm the French economy.

Germany is less prepared for an energy crisis

Germany has also expressed concerns about gas supplies from Russia in connection with Western support for Ukraine. Markus Söder, head of the German opposition party CSU, thinks so incident Unplugged fully his country would sink into recession. According to the Bavarian prime minister, Germany is worse prepared for an energy crisis than most EU countries.

In an interview with Welt am Sonntag newspaper, Markus Söder said that the current federal government policy will exacerbate the energy shortage problem. The CSU chief said, “The green opposition to nuclear power will plunge us into crisis. We will be sitting in unheated houses. Worse, we will also have to light candles, because the lights will probably go out.” Soder noted that some German cooperatives already feel compelled to ration hot water and offer a limited heating schedule for apartments. “We need several thousand windmills to replace nuclear power. I doubt we will be able to install them by the end of the year,” he added.

Russia’s Gazprom recently reduced the flow of gas to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. For this reason, members of the Bundestag on Friday agreed to a temporary return to coal-based energy. However, the majority in the coalition rejected it Request Christian Democrats extend operation of nuclear power plants.

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