Slots represent one of the most innovative and dominant categories in traditional and online casinos. It comes as no surprise since the digital nature of online slots made it possible for developers of all sizes to create their own innovative titles and expand the collection of online slots to a large scale. 

This is why there are hundreds of options to choose from that are based on many different themes, which range from slots based on popular TV shows and comic book characters to fantasy-themed slots and sports-themed slots which are based on popular movies. If you’re looking to play online casinos in Ontario and you’re not sure what the best movie-themed slots we’ve got you covered.  

Jurassic Park by Microgaming 

Jurassic Park was a huge hit when it first came out in 1993, so it is no surprise that the casino world was also inspired to create a slot game inspired by the action-packed film. Although it had several sequels, the slot game by Microgaming was based on the first film that came out in the 90s. 

The premise remains the same. John Hammond is an entrepreneur who has a dream to build a park that has cloned dinosaurs. But as one would expect, something goes very wrong, and the creatures become violent and escape the tight security on the island. It has won multiple Academy Awards, and it’s really one of the legendary films directed by Steven Spielberg. The slot comes with 96.67% RTP, 243 pay lines, and five reels.  

The symbols match the dinosaurs in the film as well as the main characters and actually their bundle of bonus pins that you can potentially win associated with different dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex Free Spins, Triceratops Free Spins, or Dilophosaurus Free Spins. The maximum winning potential is 6,333x your stake. If you’re inspired to try to lock on reliable Canadian casinos with some of the best slots based on films or other themes, make sure to check out, where you will find information on specific gambling platforms and their selection of games. 

Jumanji by NetEnt 

The film Jumanji in 1995 has also remained popular with new sequels starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart. NetEnt’s slot is based on the 1995 version based on the Jumanji board game with 36 pay lines and five reels. The symbols are also inspired by the film, and the slot strongly resembles the board game.

 You will also notice on the board the main characters like a crocodile, pelican, the lion. There are sticky wilds, bonus spins, extra bonuses, and other exciting features that will make your gaming experience memorable.  

Matrix by Playtech 

The Matrix films reached legendary status in modern cinema. The entire universe of Matrix is quite popular worldwide and is equally appealing to developers that want to recreate that magic or to fans of slot games. Playtech is one the most reputable developers in the gaming sector, and it’s created high-quality, user-friendly slots which are inspired by the Matrix universe. It comes with an RTP of 95.14%, 50 pay lines, and five reels. The characters are inspired by the film, so you will see Nep, Trinity, and Morpheus. The slot overall really captures the atmosphere of Matrix with its soundtrack and graphics. 

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