Keanu Reeves Hits the Jackpot in John Wick 4: His Post-Film Pay Soars!

news culture Keanu Reeves Hits the Jackpot in John Wick 4: His Post-Film Pay Soars!


In the role of John Wick, Keanu Reeves completely recreated his life in action film form. A new glory with a certain financial success for the actor who saw his salary multiply by sevenfold between the first and fourth film.

A pop culture icon

Keanu Reeves was an essential actor of the '90s, producing a series of cult films such as Dracula, Speed ​​and the Matrix saga. During his roles, the actor became a true icon of pop culture, he briefly disappeared from the radar, before returning to the lead with John Wick, a story dedicated to the titular hitman who shoots everywhere. Over-the-top action sequences. Keanu Reeves' arm's length is a successful franchise that has so far consisted of four films. With this role, the actor was able to give a real breath of fresh air to his life. But it was more than just a lucrative role for Keanu Reeves, who was paid handsomely in each of these projects.

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Salary will increase by seven times

Keanu Reeves has been a bankable actor for a long time, only he managed to inspire a theater-going public to discover his films. However, in the mid-2000s, the actor began to experience a slump in which his career choices were no longer as fruitful as they had been in the past. The actor finally found success again in 2014 when he was chosen by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch to play John Wick.

It was reported at the time that the actor was paid between $1 and $2.5 million for this first project and the following two installments. The Hollywood Reporter In 2016, the actor received a very low salary compared to his previous roles, although it was compensated by a percentage of the rights of the saga. That being said, in the course of development of various films, the actor's salary has often been re-evaluated in the meantime. So, for John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves reportedly earned nearly $15 millionApproximately seven times more than previous installments. A significant increase, which is clearly explained by the success Saga has experienced. With a $100 million budget, John Wick 4 would have grossed $430 million worldwide. In total, Saga grossed over a billion dollars at the box office.

About Keanu Reeves

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