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I send a heartfelt and emotional message to those who criticize people for aesthetic issues on their birthdays. The actress expressed her vision through her Instagram and won the love of her followers.

The 47-year-old national artist explained his reasoning through the common phrases women receive when they reach adulthood. “You look less sexy”, “They’re leaving you”, “You’re short” or “You have gray hair”.

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After that, Daniela was surprised “When did aging become a negative and aggressive form? There is beauty at every stage, and aging is natural.”.

This post went unnoticed by his followers on the popular social network. Dozens of users showed their support in the comments, including friends and colleagues Marco Junino.

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“Aging is part of the life cycle. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing in a physical way how far we have progressed, evolved, and lived. We love this stage of life and it makes us feel less valuable.”Sarpati wrote.

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