Katie Piper was doused with acid 13 years ago on the orders of her ex-boyfriend.  More than 400 plastic surgeries.  This is what it looks like now

Katie Piper I was attacked by an assailant in the area of ​​the Internet cafe I went to on that shameful day. Her face was severely burned, and the chances of her regaining her former appearance were almost slim. It was such a difficult situation that Piper worked as a model. The woman has undergone 400 plastic surgeries in the last 13 years. It also became real Inspirac ±His story has been told in many books, documents and programs.

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Marcysia Ryskala, finally without any plaster on her leg. I underwent surgery

Years later, Piper appears to be fully reconciling with her past, working in institutions for women affected by domestic violence, publishing her own pamphlets, and the smile hardly ever disappearing from her face.

Katie Piper before the attack

Katie Piper has been linked to Danielle Lynch, who was a violent partner. The woman separated from the man, but he could not accept the separation. Before the attack, Lynch kidnapped the model, then locked her in a hotel room, where he raped and beat her. In the end, the guy hired Stefan Sylvester, who poured sulfuric acid on Katie.

Katie Piper Instagram @katiepiper_before

Katie Piper Bo Atako

As a result of the attack, Katie’s face was greatly disfigured. The model suffered severe burns and lost sight in one eye. The doctors miraculously saved her life.

Katie PiperKatie Piper Monitor

Katie Piper has undergone a number of treatments and operations

Katie Piper underwent about 400 plastic surgeries, which largely offset the acid-burning effects. Although we can see the scars on the woman’s face, her current appearance is quite impressive.

Katie Piper on TLC Katie Piper on TLC Beauty to Fix photo press material

Katie Piper is active in the media

Katie Piper’s story shocked the world’s media. The model was invited to many shows, and her charisma and personality meant that she was offered to play many television formats. Since 2016, she is the host of “Never Seen a Doctor”. It is also a foundation foundation that helps burn victims.

In the opening, Katie received support from Simon Cowell, known from Idol and Got Talent. In the opening, Katie received support from Simon Cowell, known from “Idol” and “Got Talent”. BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM/BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM

Katie Piper has written many books

Katie Piper has also become the author of several books and guides. In September 2021, its first issue, A Little Faith: Hopeful Affirmations for Every Day of the Year, was shown.

Katie PiperKatie Piper Instagram @katiepiper_

Katie Piper – who is the model’s husband?

Piper has a relationship with Richard James Sutton. The couple got married in 2015. The husband is on the social media of the model – Katie gladly publishes recordings and photos with the participation of her lover.

Katie PiperKatie Piper Instagram @katiepiper_

Katie Piper is the mother of two daughters

Katie Piper and her husband Richard are raising two daughters. Mom takes care of her photos children They were always in hiding. In family photos, the girls’ faces are obscured or blurred.

Katie PiperKatie Piper Instagram @katiepiper_

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