Jurassic World: Dinosaurs Invade Quebec at the Videotron Centre

Jurassic World took over the Videotron Center on Thursday evening and the enormity of the escaped dinosaurs was enough to make even the most avid hunters shudder.

The beauty of the decor, the realism of the giant screens in the background and the scale of the dinosaurs created for an evening was as impressive as it was terrifying during the show. Jurassic WorldPasses through Quebec.

Photo Agency QMI / Pascal Huot

Thousands of parents, along with the best connoisseurs of these great reptiles, came to see the prehistoric animals monopolize the amphitheater from ground to sky.

However, it was lucky that the almost 10-foot-tall awesome and dangerous genie was around, otherwise Team DRe Walker would no doubt have perished in the face of his fiercest foes.

Genie protected her people from attackers.

Photo Agency QMI / Pascal Huot

In addition to the gigantic animals featured during the show, credit must also be given to the stunt performers. While riding a one-wheeled motocross bike or throwing themselves off the top of the sets, they were able to bring the show as close to what we’ve seen on the big screen as possible.

The show was designed to appeal to young people, the French translation of the script was of a high standard and none of the actors seemed to have to express themselves on stage.

Photo Agency QMI / Pascal Huot

The scene outside the Videotron Center was enough to take every parent back to their teenage years, as hundreds of children walked out with dinosaur hats and toys emblazoned with the franchise’s image.

Jurassic World 1 will be offered at the Videotron CentreThere is October.

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