Josée di Stasio on “MasterChef Québec” next week

Josie Di Stasio, rarely seen on TV, returns to our screens next week as a guest judge. MasterChef Quebec.

Martin Picard and Stefano Faida are delighted to welcome Josie Di Stacio, the first guest judge of “MasterChef Quebec” next week.

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He joins judges Martin Picard and Stefano Faida on Tuesday's episode as the competition officially kicks off after a first week dedicated to selecting 16 amateur chefs.

So we know the identity of these participants, who will compete against each other in the coming months. They all got their hands on an apron, which opens the door for them to compete.

Next week

16 amateur chefs from the first season of “MasterChef Québec”.

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Some candidates already stand out for their energy and enthusiasm. Let's think in particular of the very outspoken Sonia Riam from Quebec, who threw Stefano Fita his Masterchef apron when he handed it to him. Both judges praised his seafood dishes, including Pierre-Yves Levesque from Saguenay, who prepared scallops perfectly.

For this second week which starts on Monday, the candidates have to cook the ingredients hidden under the mystery box. A benefit will be awarded to the winner. The candidates have to take on the second cooking challenge, and yes, one of them has to drop their apron and go home.

Eight other guest judges

The other eight guest judges of this first season of the show are Sebastien Benoit, Lindsey Brun, Marc Hervieux, Martin Juneau, Arnaud Marchant, Louis-Francois Margot, Ricardo and Sister Angel.

Next week

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Competition schedule

From the second to dozen weeks, the competition continues and one chef must leave the kitchen each week. The semi-finals, final and presentation of the MasterChef Quebec Cup will take place in 1 week.There is Until April 4.

Produced by Pixcom in association with cooking competition Quebecor Content MasterChef Quebec Airs Monday through Thursday on TVA, promptly at 7:30 p.m Insecure.

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