John Wick doesn't give up.  A new series from the beloved universe may be on the way

“John Wick” is the brand that has undoubtedly restored many people's faith in full-fledged action films that can conquer cinemas. Although the genre's best years are already behind it, and it did very well in the last decades of the last century, it is also now beginning to rise from its knees. And the character created by Keanu Reeves contributed greatly to this.

Furthermore, this is clearly visible in the density with which the universe is expanding in the Lionsgate series. Suffice it to say that some time ago the spin-off series “Continental” was first shown and we We are still waiting for the movie “Ballerina” (which unfortunately was postponed for a year). But interestingly, this may not be the end.

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According to a recent article on Deadline, where we can read the brand's representative's statements, The series will also have a series installment! A little different from the aforementioned “Continental”, but maybe something is actually happening with that. In fact, some time ago we also read about the anime adaptation, so… We can be sure of one thing – John Wick has not hung up his weapons and we still have many encounters with this world.

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