December 8, 2022


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Thor: Love and Thunder – An awesome Natalie Portman portrait. There is also a new ancient goddess MCU!

Film promotional campaign Thor: love and thunder spins forever. Another photo from production has just hit the net; We can see it Natalie PortmanIt also depicts the mighty bull Tessa Thompson In the role of the Valkyries. However, it is surprising that the image will debut in the MCU with the goddess Bast in physical form, which, according to speculation, she will play Fixed Aquosia.

Remember that Bast is an ancient deity worshiped by the Wakanda people. in production Black Panther We only saw it as part of a vision in the form of a tiger. It was also mentioned in the show moon knightBast is introduced as a former member of the ancient Egyptian pantheon, the Thassus.

The context of the image depicting the three heroines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not yet known. speculates that the next scene takes place as the gods deliberate about the arrival of the main antagonist in the upcoming story, Gora, who will play him. Christian Bell. Take a look for yourself:

We also remember our analysis of the first part of the next installment of the MCU:

Movie Thor: Love and Thunder It will premiere in Polish cinemas on July 8.

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