Joel Le Picot bows

The news crushed those who followed the show Saturday and nothing else, At ICI Premiere. Its presenter Joel Le Picard, who has worked for Radio-Canada for 45 years, will retire next month.

“I will not be back in September,” said the experienced host who will be the chairman Saturday and nothing else For 24 years. His last show will be on June 18 from 7am to 11pm in the presence of several of his collaborators. To Isabel Porter. Moving on, the 76-year-old Mr. Le Picot told the audience that this decision was not easy to make.

“I say to myself, what do you do? At 76, I tell myself you’re good in the studio. […] When I leave the studio, I leave a good spot for myself. Why not one more year? He said on his weekly show. However, he wanted to leave with his head held high, he said.

“Are you controlling your life or are you going to determine your life? Will everything go well next year and management will decide that I’m old enough to do radio?” […] I am capable enough to control my life and determine my life, ”he said.

An experienced facilitator

Known and loved for his outspokenness, Joel Le Picot began his career in public radio in 1967 at the Radio-Canada Regional Station in Cicodemia. Ten years later, he took over the leadership of the morning radio show CBF-Bonjour, which airs Monday through Friday. He hosted it for 19 years.

After a journey around the world in his 50s, Mr. Le Picard led the show in 1998. Saturday and nothing else. Hosted the show as well Why not Sunday? 1998 to 2011.

“After ruling our weekly mornings for 20 years, it has dominated Saturday mornings for two decades. He would mark spirits in his unique style. As a team player, he knew how to build strong connections with his collaborators and our listeners, and for many years he did not hesitate to welcome and support new voices. The great voice of the ICI Premier, this is the great radio of our radio, ”Caroline Jamet, Director General of Radio-Canada Audio and Radio, said in a statement.

Born in France, the animator came to Montreal in 1948 at the age of two.

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