Cancer survivor Kate Middleton: “No one wants to…”, these remarkable details about her treatment

Around Kate Middleton, secrecy reigns. Since announcing she was suffering from cancer, the Princess of Wales can count on a very close-knit clan. And above all quiet. His
Preventive chemotherapy treatment, we know almost nothing. His health? This is a security secret. Only Prince William allows rare messages from his wife. Again, he pays lip service. It must be said that Kate Middleton has asked for time and privacy to fight the disease.

Maybe because the Princess of Wales doesn’t Couldn’t cope well at the start of his treatment. An insider says it’s like running between the walls of Buckingham Palace. According to Katie Nicholl, Kate Middleton has “At first the treatment was difficult”. “It’s preventive chemotherapy, it’s not a pleasant thing”A British Crown expert agreed on the Sun Royal exclusive show.

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“No one wants to go through that, you know. “Especially after major surgery and long recovery periods.”, the Vanity Fair journalist continued. But people close to Kate Middleton have told her the princess is now doing well and is tolerating her preventative chemotherapy. “It was hard at first. I was so relieved to hear from multiple sources that she had recently turned a corner.”She promised.

Katie Nicole doesn’t really have an answer to the question everyone is asking. But for him, Kate Middleton can’t find the role she had before she got sick.
“From what I hear, the Princess of Wales will return to work. she added. E“She is 100% back to reprise her role as the Princess of Wales and does the best job she’s ever done.” But for that, Kate Middleton will have to wait. Above all, wait “Approval of his medical team”.

Kate Middleton’s absence weighs on William

While awaiting Kate Middleton’s expected return, Prince William manages current affairs. The Prince of Wales, who was in Normandy to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the landings, said his wife would. “good” And that she would have
“Want to be there”. The absence of the princess is also complicated for him to cope with. “N“We have all felt his absence very keenly in recent days.” The royal expert believed.

“Even Williams said he loved being there and would have come if he could have. she explained.
I think it’s all a reminder of the weight and burden that falls on William.” Kate Middleton, father of George, Charlotte and Louis, during her mandatory absence “He plays the role of the Prince of Wales brilliantly and perfectly.”. However, according to Katie Nicholl, the character is currently A “True Burden” to him.
He goes through a lot. And I think it’s a reminder that through it all, the Royals are just as human as we are.” she finished.

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