France.  Protests after the bear attack on the hunter.  Farmers fear the attack.  "Dislocate his thigh" |  world News

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How do you act when you meet a wild animal?

The man was shot by a wild animal on Saturday. The 70-year-old was taken to hospital by a team of high-altitude gendarmes.

Watch the attack of the hunter: he attacked him, grabbed his leg, tore his leg and wound his other leg

As mentioned CNNWhen the accident happened, the man was in the southwest France In Arij, south of Toulouse. A spokesman for the French gendarmerie was unable to confirm whether the fisherman had fired the bullets BearHowever, his body was found not far from where the 70-year-old man was. An investigation is currently underway to clarify the circumstances of the accident.

One of the fishing squads told that he is far from him attack At 70, she didn’t know what was going on, but she heard the call on the radio. – The bear attacked him and grabbed his leg and took off his leg and cut his other leg – he said Fisher man. “The bleeding stopped until help came,” he added.

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Protest in Rotterdam. Police fired shots, amid an emergency [ZDJĘCIA]

A bear hunter in France: they are getting closer, because there is nothing left to eat in the mountains was able to talk to the other too Fisher man, who said the bears are getting closer and closer because “there is nothing to eat in the mountains”. He added that the 70-year-old had shot a bear to defend himself.

Wash (illustration)The doctor declared him dead. 7 hours later, the man woke up in the morgue

In the 1990s, the number of brown bears in France fell to almost zero. 1996 in French rz ± d outlet a program Bring these animals back in PyreneesThen the authorities began to bring in these predators from Slovenia. As we read in a report by the Brown Bear Network, part of the French Biodiversity Office, last year in the mountains Y³y 64 bears. However, the growing number of predators in the area worries local farmers who fear bear attacks. As I mentioned CNNThere were 329 incidents there last year related to these incidents the animals.

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