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The goal of the mission in Afghanistan was never to build a state or a democracy. There were two goals: to capture bin Laden and destroy al-Qaeda, US President Joe Biden emphasized during a speech on Monday. Afghanistan’s leaders surrendered and fled. He assessed that the Afghan army surrendered, sometimes without a fight. He confirmed that he supported his decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan.

– I stick to my decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan. President Joe Biden emphasized during the press conference that there was never a good time to withdraw our troops.

Biden: I’ve kept my campaign commitment

– I cannot repeat the mistakes of my predecessors in Afghanistan, we cannot afford them, we have interests elsewhere – he said.

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When I ran for president, I promised the Americans that I would end our military involvement in Afghanistan. He noted that it was tough and turbulent—and yes, far from perfect—but I kept my commitment.

“We are evacuating thousands of Americans, allies, Afghan associates, and journalists over the next few days,” Biden stressed.

“We have warned the Taliban that if they disrupt our operations, we will respond with destructive force,” he said.

Biden did not respond to reporters’ questions.

The President of the United States cut short his vacation

Joe Biden has been away from Washington on vacation since Thursday. He had originally planned to stay at Camp David until at least Wednesday.

Regarding Afghanistan, the President has so far been limited to issuing a statement on Saturday announcing the dispatch of additional troops to secure evacuation at Kabul airport. He also said that extending the stay of US forces in the country by one or five “will not make a difference if the Afghan army is unable to maintain its control over his country.”

He added that his predecessor Donald Trump’s agreement with the Taliban put him in a position to choose between completely withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan or sending more.

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