Jeopardy!  |  Canadian champion Matteo Roche is proud of his 23 wins

Matteo Roche has always known his game show podium successes Jeopardy! Will end.

Released at 12:16 p.m.

Nicole Thompson
Canadian Press

An all-time Canadian champion, he said his success on the show was due to luck and heroism.

“I wondered why I could regret this, he responded in an interview before the airing of the episode that ends his run on Friday. Obviously, I wanted to win. But in the end I’m going to lose. Most people lost their first game. It’s my luck to win on the 23rd.” said.

Since the episode was filmed on February 15, she had several months to recover from this loss.

Matteo Roche came to the conclusion that things could have ended differently if she had changed her strategy, but she did not want to dwell on it. She was “many times luckier” than she was unlucky, she said.

After weeks of media attention on both sides of the border, he was ready to catch his breath, which earned him US $ 560,983. This is the fifth largest prize pool of any regular season contestant Jeopardy!.

The law school teacher will become a law student in the fall. He got his first recognition while taping the show, and is still considering his choice, but until then he plans to take it easy.

“Maybe I won’t work part-time until then,” the champion said. I am going to enjoy the last summer of freedom. ⁇

There are so many things in my life that I have never done before because I am relatively young. I have not traveled for a long time. I have the money now. I can go somewhere if I want.

Matteo Roche

She is eager to think of anything other than television and trivial things.

“Before Jeopardy!, I was at a time when there was no real progress in my life. Now I feel, for relevant and unrelated reasons Jeopardy!This is not true anymore, ”he analyzes.

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