January 30, 2023


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CIA chief: We don't see Russia preparing to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine |  world News

CIA chief: We don’t see Russia preparing to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine | world News

At the press conference, Bill Burns said his agency had not seen practical evidence at this time that Russia army Plans to deploy or use tactical nuclear weapons. president CIA Meanwhile, he made a reservation that such a possibility should not be ignored, and stated that it was in the beginning war The Russian authorities put the nuclear forces on standby. He stressed that US intelligence is monitoring the activities of the Russian forces in this regard.

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Natalia Gavrilita, Prime Minister of Moldova, talks about the danger of prolonging the war.

Director Burns also evaluated it Russian President Vladimir Putin Determined to continue the invasion of Ukraine. “Vladimir Putin believes that redoubling his efforts in the conflict in Ukraine will allow him to achieve better results in this war,” he told reporters. As he added, the Russian president is convinced that he cannot afford to lose.

The CIA chief also spoke about China’s position on the war in Ukraine. Bill Burns said Beijing is following the conflict closely as it affects Chinese accounts of Taiwan. In his view, Ukraine’s fierce resistance to the Russian invasion and the economic costs incurred RussiaThe Chinese authorities were surprised. But in his view, the war will not change China’s long-term goals. “I don’t think the war has weakened Beijing’s determination to control Taiwan,” he said.

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