Jeanique Fournier returns from her resignation as beneficiary assistant

Big winner in the tournament Canadian talent Last spring, Jeanique Fournier saw her life change
After this great success, the quarter turn. The life of the singer who went from the shadows to the light is more glamorous than ever, and she happily abandons herself to this happy whirlwind. It was at the headquarters of the Frank Lyman outfit that we gave a meeting to the man who presented us with an album bearing his name.

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Zeenique, what do you offer us with the album you just gave us?
Contains 11 songs: 9 covers and 2 originals, moment And That would be great. First part, I surrenderIt was the song that got me the Golden Buzzer Canadian talent. My two original songs, which I’m proudest of, reflect my personality, the woman that I am, a neighbor giver and listener. Room moment, among other things, describing my career as a singer. I worked hard and climbed big mountains to reach this beautiful end in my life. As for the covers, people tell me that they live beautiful memories listening to these favorite songs. It brings beautiful emotions and great happiness to the people who listen to them.

We held this photoshoot at Frank Lyman’s headquarters. Do you fall for her clothes?
I have been with Mrs. in Chicoutimi for a year. Visiting Boutique Bian’K owned by Dominique. She sells Frank Lyman’s clothes. Since I have so many events planned, I don’t want to wear the same clothes all the time. I love beautiful oversized chic evening dresses cut in comfortable fabrics. Despite my crazy schedule, we made arrangements to go to Frank Lyman’s Montreal headquarters for this. Shooting. We are Mr. Met Lyman and his team and he offered me a variety of dresses, you’ve got to dream a girl!

What do you remember about all these outfits?
Palazzo pants are stylish and never go out of style. I wear it with a top leaving my arms bare. The fabric is very light and gives fullness. I fell in love with a little cream three-quarter length hooded jacket. It reads: “Perseverance, love, joy, hope”. It is very beautiful. I chose pants with a black leather jacket and a sweater. In this clothing line, I love jeans. They are unusual because they are as comfortable as if you were in pajamas. They are of extraordinary beauty and quality.


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Have you changed your wardrobe since experiencing this great professional whirlwind?
A little, because financially, I can’t afford clothes. I have always loved stage costumes. I wore Frank Lyman dresses given to me by my boutique to the Montreal Grand Prix, the Gémeaux Awards Gala, and events I was invited to. I don’t want to buy everything because I get invited to a lot of sets.

Do you like the glamorous side of the job?
Yes, because I like to wear beautiful clothes. (laughs)

It’s amazing what you’re doing right now. It’s a far cry from your life as a palliative care worker…
It’s true. I resigned a month ago. It had to be done. When I went to hand in my resignation letter, it was a very touching moment. I shed tears. However, I am still involved in the organization. I sponsor a fundraising brunch. So far we have sold 450 tickets. All the same! I will continue to help as much as I can. I plan to go there, in Chicoutimi, when I’m in the area. I’m going to see my beautiful team.

How has this job changed your life?
My life has completely changed. I am a very busy mom. I go to work five days a week and come home two or three days.

So you’re split between Montreal and Chicoutimi?
Yes, it’s going well, because there’s someone extraordinary at home to look after the kids. I find them nice and filling. It helps my mother’s heart. Despite everything, I sometimes feel guilty for not being with my friends. In these moments, I cling to my girlfriend and shed a tear or two. I live full of emotions. At the same time, I know they are happy. They lacked nothing. My mother’s heart speaks louder than reason…

Isn’t it fair to fulfill herself, not as a mother?
A lot! It’s so beautiful that life lets me reach it, and I open my arms and go for it.


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Do you like this new life?
Yes. My schedule is very busy but it is very pleasant. Once I check into the hotel, I take time to watch a movie, compress and relax. Being able to do that by not having kids. It’s scary, but I don’t have to give 100% to my friends, I don’t have to “push the machine”. I can let myself go: a hot bath, a glass of wine and relax.

Is the pace sometimes dizzying?
Yes, but being 50 allows me to keep my feet on the ground. I live today and never think later. If you see what’s on my schedule in a few days, it’s crazy! I have to stop. I shouldn’t think about it; Enjoying every minute. At 20, I wouldn’t have been quiet.

What do you miss about your life before?
Cook! (laughs) I miss cooking at my house…except for my kids, of course!

You have adopted two children with Down syndrome. Does this life bring you back to basics?
Yes. Every day it reminds me to keep my feet on the ground. Life today…

How to take?
Having time to myself and having practice rooms in hotels has given me a taste for training again. It’s good for my body, but especially for my head. It brings out the bad guy! I also like watching movies, listening to music and chatting with my boyfriend. We really have a good time together.

You turned 50 last spring. How was this situation?
Winning is my greatest reward Canadian talent and a $150,000 scholarship for an opportunity to sing at the Luxor in Las Vegas America has talent and signed with Universal Music Group. It allowed me to do all kinds of beautiful things and feel like I belonged.

Scrapbook Jeanique Fournier Available on digital platforms and in store.
To know more about his projects and upcoming show tour: Or on his Facebook page Artist Jeanique Fournier.

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