Jaroslav Benyuk visited the grave of Anna Przybylska.  This is where the star is buried on Halloween

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On November 1, the Poles visited the graves of their relatives in the cemeteries. Thus, everyone wants to remember the memory of their loved ones. Jaroslav Binyuk Show the picture of the grave Anna PrzybylskaWith lots of candles.

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Jaroslav Binyuk visited the grave of Anna Przybylska

Jaroslav Binyuk For many years he was associated with him Anna Przybylska. The couple had three children: Oluya, Jean and Simon. When the actress died, the football player devoted himself to the family. Although he was later linked to other women, this Anna Przybylska It still holds an important place in his memory.

On such an important and meditative day as the celebration of All Saints, Jaroslav Benyuk could not help but visit the grave of Anna Przybylska. There was a photo from the cemetery on his Instagram profile. The actress’s grave is filled with candles. They stand close to each other. You can see that on November 1, the memory of the artist is still alive among her relatives and fans.

Anna Przybylska was one of the most loved characters stars In the Polish business. Her adventure with film began in collaboration with Radosław Piwowarski in “The Dark Side of Venus”. Viewers remember her best as a policewoman Marelka in the series “Z³otopolscy“.

Violetta VillasThis is what Violetta’s grave looks like ten years after the artist’s death

The actress suffered from pancreatic cancer. She passed away in early October 2014 at the age of 36. Three children have been orphaned and the desperate Jaroslav Benyuk. It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since the artist’s death this year.

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