James Webb Space Telescope damaged?  NASA released a statement

After years of construction delays, shipments to orbit and the cost have increased dramatically to 10 billion dollars, in the last James Webb Space Telescope The ship was completed and taken to French Guiana, where it was due to enter orbit this year. Unfortunately, we heard a few days ago annoying incident.

It turns out that when the telescope is installed in the missile’s charging housing Ariane 5, there was a vibration that was transmitted to the entire machine. It was about a sudden, unplanned release of a zip-tie. Then there were strong vibrations.

The engineers panicked that they might have led to this Damage too sensitive mirror. We all know that this is the most important part of a telescope. We also know what happened to the Hubble Space Telescope when problems were found with its mirror.

Fortunately, the James Webb Space Telescope, Our new window to the universeIt works at full capacity. NASA just released this official information. The engineers inspected the most important parts of the device and It appears to be in perfect condition. So space exploration enthusiasts and astronomers from all over the world can rest easy.

The agency also announced that the telescope will fly into orbit as planned later this year. An Ariane 5 missile is scheduled to be launched from French Guiana December 22. The device is currently refueling. This process is expected to take the next ten days.

After this stage of preparation, the missile will go to the launch site and undergo tests. If all goes according to plan, it will be the most powerful space telescope in human history early next year The search for us will begin, among others Earth II.

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