March 22, 2023


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Jagna Niedzielska or in 24 hours!  Focuses on creating extraordinary.  "This outfit is my mother-in-law's clothes."

Jagna Niedzielska or in 24 hours! Focuses on creating extraordinary. “This outfit is my mother-in-law’s clothes.”

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Jagna Niedzielska promotes the idea of ​​”zero waste”. Driven by a love of the trend of not wasting food, she created a guide called “Bez Remnants”. He teaches how to cook deliciously, promotes his ideas. We can see her on screen in ‘Jagna Niedzielska kitchen No leftovers” and “a fork on the map.” Thomas Zoruba is her fiancé, or indeed for a few hours now, and he also deals with gastronomy.

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The couple had a crazy idea at Christmas. She decided to get married, but only if they could arrange it within 24 hours. With the help of witnesses, family and friends were able to lead the party, even a modest party wedding parties. The chef thanked everyone in the Instagram post.

Wedding 24h @ tomasz.boursuk.zaremba. We did it in 24 hours! Why wait when a comet hits us. We would like to thank all the crazy people close to us, who helped us realize this idea out of love: family, office and good energy. The party will repeat in August 2022, and we’ll be partying so far.

We calm down, the culprit does not hit us, or we do not know it. Jagna Niedzielska suggests that the new Netflix production was the impetus for the spontaneous motion. “Don’t look for it” Movie About an impending disaster that no one wants to believe.

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She chose an extraordinary creature. “This outfit is my mother-in-law’s clothes.”

In addition to the non-standard idea of ​​u200bu200bthe wedding, the bride’s dress was unusual. Jagna Niedzielska borrowed a black petticoat dress from her mother-in-law.

We didn’t really plan anything. For example, this outfit is the clothes of my mother-in-law. We searched for this beautiful design yesterday at 10 PM.

We like. We wish the young couple happiness and more spontaneous actions.

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