March 21, 2023


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Dr. Strange 2 with censorship by Talking About Mothers.  Disney hasn't agreed to remove the LGBTQ scene

Dr. Strange 2 with censorship by Talking About Mothers. Disney hasn’t agreed to remove the LGBTQ scene

Disney has not decided to modify Doctor Strange 2 so that production can be shown for the first time around the world without any problems. The film was banned in Saudi Arabia for an unusual reason.

Last week, I reported to our community a “Doctor Strange 2” issue. The film was supposed to be banned in Saudi Arabia, but it wasn’t until AFP journalists got the exact details of why the censors chose to make the move.

The position was presented by Nawaf Al-Sabhan, chief film rating official in Saudi Arabia, who explained this He demanded that “just 12 seconds” be removed from the film in which America Chavez (played by Zuchitl Gomez) talks about his “mother”:

“It is just her mother speaking because she has two mothers. And in the Middle East, it is very difficult to convey something like that,” Al-Sabhan explained.

Disney received a request to change the film, but decided not to cut the scene, so production was stopped.

Nawaf Al-Sabhan also clarifies that the film was “never banned” because there is still a chance for a premiere, but at least there is a problem for now – Saudi Arabia will not agree to a film with “Mothers”, and Disney does not want to change production.

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