Lewandowski speaks at the end of his career with the Polish national team!

The last few days have been full of great emotions for all football fans. Although the Poles were once again forced to taste the bitter taste of defeat, we will continue to play the match of honor against France. However, you should not expect great successes, after all, for the team Kylyana Mbappe It is rather one of my favourites. Therefore our team must be satisfied with not the first place, but the last. The Poles became the first team to exit the Euro 2024 finals.

Could you have played better? Fans point out, among other things: the absence of the infected person Robert LewandowskiWho could not lead our team to victory. The striker appeared only in the second half of the match against Austria, but that did not help, because we suffered a heavy defeat, losing to the Austrians 1:3.

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Robert Lewandowski talks about continuing to play for the national team

In recent days, talk of replacing the old guard has also increased. Wojciech Szczęsny has been talking about ending his career in the national team for some time, and yesterday it became clear that Kamil Grosicki is bidding farewell to the national team. What about Lewandowski? This topic was discussed in an interview with uefa.com. Robert admitted that meeting Poles’ expectations can be stressful.

I really don’t know. Various factors contribute to this. Playing for so many years at a certain level, with high expectations, and trying to realize not only your dreams, but also the dreams of Poles, is a burden. Of course I feel good in the team. The interior atmosphere makes it a pleasant place to stay. I’m not worried about my physicality either – He said.

However, the footballer admitted that he did not want to blame himself for retiring from the national team so early.

I don’t want to regret retiring early, as I could still have played longer. On the other hand, I don’t want to struggle with this decision when the time comes. Now he has not come yet. I need to feel it inside me. Certainly no one will have any influence on this. Just me and my family, no one from outside – He said.

Will you miss Robert?

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It’s not a “download”. It’s high time!

Robert, go to the company, and you will see what the burden means

For us, she has retired since she started shooting exclusively for Eurokas

He won’t leave because it’s money, money, money. He doesn’t do anything on the field, but big millions come to him.

I’m 70. I’ve loved David Byrne since I was a kid. I will be traveling soon to attend a concert, who knows how long I will live. Greetings to you. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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It is difficult to comment on this other than with a disdainful curse.

He clings to this stick like a drunken gossip. He knows very well that no one will want him anymore, because the legend of a great footballer has burst like a soap bubble. He is a media producer and celebrity, not an athlete. The thing about money is that it melts, and he loves having it. The national team and the gullibility of the Poles are the best source of easy money.

Jesus, it’s that guy again, and his wife is upstairs 🤦‍♀️. Arrogant, boastful, obnoxious, with an ego higher than the Palace of Culture. They flew away a long time ago. It’s a shame, because they could have been very wealthy, and a nice couple of athletes that a lot of people would admire and look up to. What emerged was a pair of filthy rich, boring celebrities without passion, ideas, and often common sense. oh well. Let the porridge cook in its own juice 🫤

Robbie, you’re not in the band to make it cool and fun. Welcome there…because that’s what we pay for. If it bothers you that people expect a good job for what they pay, then bye-bye. They have all been nurtured for a very long time

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what… Sometimes you have to leave at the right moment in life, otherwise, unfortunately, you will leave later when everyone will judge you and, despite the successes you have had in the past, they will only remember your recent failures. You have to know when to leave the stage

Get over it, save yourself the shame

The performance of Polish volleyball players is like a storm in the Nations League. Way to go!!! The quarter-final match against Brazil is approaching. It’s worth supporting real players.

Instead of starting to play nice… now everyone is escaping the dirty ship with a hole in its hull

Playing in the European Championship is a burden and a responsibility for every player, not just Lewandowski. And yet they play and win. It’s better not to say anything, he’s a burden on the team. They play better without it. Let him sit on the bench and display his posters and watches from there. It leaves an increasingly bad taste!

Business is all about advertising, do nothing and make money

It’s just me and my family, that’s what we’re afraid of. You’ll keep playing until the end because you’re greedy for money, even though you’re basically causing trouble. A bike ride because Lewy has shares in the company and needs to advertise? You should have seen Romania, where the boys ran until the last minute. Catering by Ann is also a bad choice, because Karynas doesn’t do well in this brief.

We do thank him, he and his wife are making fun of themselves.

He should have done it a long time ago, the rest also don’t have the money 0000000000000000000mi

I was naive in believing that the coach was the one who decided to call him up to the national team.

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