Ezra Miller: The restraining order was dropped

The Hawaiian couple dropped the restraining order against Ezra Miller.

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In late March, the couple filed court documents seeking a temporary injunction against The Flash Store, claiming he threatened to break into their bedroom. They also accused him of stealing their personal belongings, including his passport and wallet.

However, on Monday (11 April 22), at the couple’s request, a judge dismissed the restraining order case, according to court documents. Hollywood Reporter. Their lawyer, William Dean, declined to explain why his clients changed their minds.

The incident comes just hours after the Fantastic Beasts star, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, was released from prison on charges of harassment and disorderly conduct. At a karaoke bar in Hilo, he was arrested for grabbing a woman’s microphone and walking towards a man who was playing Eddie.

In addition to those two incidents, it has now been revealed that in mid-March, police were called to Hill Downtown for an argument because the actor did not cooperate, refused to leave the area and “continued to fight” and ‘blocked the sidewalk’. Hawaii Deputy Chief of Police Kenneth Kyocho said Tuesday he was cited for blocking the road. The trial on that traffic violation and irregular driving case is scheduled for April 26.

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