It’s the end of Vrak channel after 23 years

After 23 years of loyal service, Vrak Channel 1 will shut down for goodThere is Next October, starting at midnight.

Bell Media, the station’s owner, announced on Friday morning that it would permanently cease operations. The broadcaster specifically mentions the current hostile environment and declining viewership.

Please note that starting Wednesday, Videotron subscribers will not have access. The group announced in July that it would disconnect Vrak and Z from its offering to its customers.

Bell did not release a new original production for Vrak during the early fall season of its specialty channels. Last year, Bell Media made a “more mature” transition with its “adult” / young adult series on Vrak.

“The Canadian media industry faces significant challenges from an ever-changing operating environment. The regulatory framework that broadcasters like Bell Media must comply with is outdated and does not take current challenges into account,” we read in a press release sent Friday morning.

“Given the decision of Videotron and the current environment in which we are evolving, a reevaluation of our programming is in order and the audience is not enough,” said Karen Moses, Bell Media’s senior vice president, content and news.

Vrak will cease operations on October 1, 2023 at midnight. Until the channel shuts down, viewers can finish listening to the current seasons of the series on air.

To know the details of the new phase, valid till 1There is October, visit: https://www.bellm

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