It’s time to find a real new home after visiting the Moon and Mars.  “Deliver Us Home” will take us on another mission for the good of humanity

May 27, 2024, at 21:26

Deliver Us Home is the third part of the sci-fi action-adventure game series. The production focuses on exploring an unknown planet and solving environmental mysteries.

Image source: KeokeN Interactive


Created on Steam Game card He drove us home. It is the work of KeokeN Interactive studio, and it is the third part of the series after Deliver Us the Moon and Deliver Us Mars. Like its predecessors, this production will be an action-adventure game in a sci-fi setting.

Involved He drove us home It will take place in the 21st century, when humanity was evacuated from Earth, which turned into an unfriendly wasteland. The player will play the role of a trained astronaut who has been given the task of finding a new home for the survivors. After a long journey, the hero reaches his destination, which he must explore and prepare to settle down.

The game focuses on exploring unknown areas and solving environmental puzzles. For this purpose, we will use elements such as power cells or pressure plates. We will also be provided with a robotic companion and a rover that will reach areas that are inaccessible to us.

During the tour, we will collect materials and components to improve the suit and the rest of the equipment. The production should be a metroidvania structure, which means that we will only reach some areas after obtaining the required reinforcements.

The planet will also be full of many secrets that we will discover by finding more letters, holograms, diaries and artifacts. In this way, we will learn more not only about our past, but also about the settlers who arrived here before us.

release date He drove us home Not announced yet. However, the creators assume Fundraising on Kickstarterwhich will start later.

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