Italy.  "If I believed in a pandemic...".  The 66-year-old left a message with a message before his death

During the man’s funeral, his niece said her uncle used to spend time in a bar where his friends split into two groups. One convinced the man to vaccinate, and the other agreed. After the death of a friend, some people with the disease decided to immunize themselves against the disease COVID-19 – Gate delivered

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Dr. Szułdrzyński explains who is suffering from the fourth wave of COVID-19 and whether we are facing the fifth wave of the Corona virus

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Corona virus pandemic. Geisha: If I believe in Covid disease, today I will tell a different story

Italian media reported that 66-year-old Giuseppe Jucca from Syracuse died of COVID-19 in Sicily. Before his death, the man decided to warn the skeptics of the crown and encourage them to accept them vaccinationsto avoid his fate. “If I believe in a pandemic, if I believe in virus, today I will tell a different story, but not this one,” we read in the man’s obituary. Before the Italian gets hurt Corona VirusHe did not believe in a pandemic and ignored the consequences of contracting the virus – informs the portal for two weeks the doctors They fought for their lives ItalyUnfortunately, it could not be saved. When he learned that his condition was getting worse, he had to ask his family to post a warning in his obituary to other people who would not be vaccinated.

Italy imposes more restrictions on non-vaccinators

Italian Government to prevent development Corona virus pandemic, decreed the introduction of a number of new health restrictions that primarily affect unvaccinated people. leading Mario Draghi stressed that the epidemiological situation in the country is good and that the new restrictions are preventive.

A wave of protests in Europe. In the Netherlands, riots in the streets of several cities [ZDJĘCIA]

The new Covid corridor, or the so-called Super Green Corridor, will only be issued to those vaccinated and to those who have been vaccinated because they suffered from the disease. These documents will no longer be issued based on a negative test result as before. In practice, this means that the unvaccinated will not be allowed in ResturantBars, gyms, gyms, stadiums. The ban also applies to public gatherings and celebrations, cinemas, theaters, museums, discos and hotels. A negative test result certificate will only be accepted in public transport and at work. The vaccination obligation will apply to all healthcare personnel, assistants and school personnel, the police I army. The decree will be effective from December 6 to January 15 next year.

Tragedy at Canal La Manche31 immigrants died. They traveled across the English Channel to Great Britain

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