PS Plus Extra will lose another game.  Sony surprised by the decision regarding the title of PlayStation Studios

PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium both work on a similar basis to Xbox Game Pass, at least when we talk about regular rotation in the available product libraries – although we can systematically count on new games, individual offers will from time to time leave the list. The product developed by the in-house PlayStation team will soon disappear from Sony’s show.

It was previously confirmed that on August 31, PS Plus Premium and PS Plus Extra NBA 2K22 and WRC 10 will leave, and until September 20, 2022, subscription subscribers will be able to check out Red Dead Redemption 2. The change should not surprise anyone, because we Talking about third party games.

However, we would have thought that titles developed by PlayStation Studios would be available in the new version of the subscription permanently, while there are many indications that the Japanese manufacturer has other plans – Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept has appeared on the “Last Chance to Play” tab and will be leaving the Sony show soon. Production was also included in the Polish version of the service, but so far we do not know the date of its removal.

Intercept is a standalone expansion pack for Killzone Shadow Fall and allows up to four users to play as VSA soldiers to defend the Rising Links against Helghast forces. A strong focus on collaboration and teamwork wasn’t necessarily for all brand enthusiasts, and the extension had a 72% rating for its time.

We can assume that in the future, more Sony offerings of PS Plus Premium and Extra will disappear, so it is not worth putting off playing the biggest hits of the Japanese manufacturer until later.

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