Rosjanie po 5 tygodniach opuścili elektrownię w Czarnobylu (fot. 2022 Maxar Technologies/Getty)

On the first day of the war, the Russians captured the closed Chernobyl power plant. But after a few weeks they withdrew from the exclusion zone. The head of the Ukrainian state agency for the management of the exclusion zone reported that Russian soldiers steal everything they can – computers, kettles, coffee makers.

Interview: Russian forces withdraw from Chernobyl plant

The Russian military has begun withdrawing from the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant buildings, the US delegate told the ministry…

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Report: The war in Ukraine

On Thursday, the Russians left the area of ​​the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the nearby city of Swawich, Ukraine’s Enerhoatom reported, citing facility employees.

Russian forces took control of Chernobyl on the first day of the invasion – February 24. Hazardous radioactive waste is still stored at the unused power plant – the site of the world’s largest nuclear disaster in 1986.

Ukrainian Pravda reported that Russian soldiers who left the factory site took with them guards from the Ukrainian National Guard, who had held them hostage since the start of the incursion on February 24. The press office of the National Guard confirmed to the portal news of the Russians’ deportation of its officers.

The head of the Ukrainian state agency for the management of the exclusion zone, Yevhen Kramarenko, said that before leaving the abandoned power plant site, the Russians looted it and a nearby hotel, and even stole computers, kettles, coffee makers and even knives.

Kramarenko stated that with the exception of cases of property theft, no significant damage to Chernobyl’s infrastructure has yet been seen. – However, we must make sure and, when possible, send more specific workers who will be able to check the technical condition of all facilities – said Kramarenko.

He also said that the radiation level sensors do not work and do not transmit information to the general system. However, there are no reports of radiation bypass.

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