Path of Exile: The Crucible – Waiting for Diablo IV.  Grinding Gears Games announces a new expansion

At one time, Grinding Gear Games attacked Diablo III, with which a significant part of the fans were unhappy – especially those who remember the first two installments of the franchise. We are now months away from the fourth part of the history of a haven torn apart by wars of angels and demons, and Hack’n’slash is still afloat, constantly introducing new improvements. And the next ones are waiting for us in April.

Path of Exile: Crucible comes packed with all-new features and updates, including the Crucible Challenge League, Atlas Gates, fixes to the Passive Skill Tree and Masteries, new Vaal skills, and more.

Path of Exile: The Crucible – Waiting for Diablo IV.  Grinding Gears Games announces a new expansion

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eviction crucible It introduces, for example, the Crucible Challenge League, which pushes the limits of Path of Exile’s elemental system, allowing you to expand your weapons with your skill trees. They improve the style of our characters. To unlock them, we have to take on the challenges that await us in the Crucible – that is, to put it mildly, crush the creatures in the ancient forge as part of a special challenge. Skirmishes present some potential dangers, as we can push more limits and fight increasingly terrifying monsters, which increases the risk of failure. On the one hand, this of course leads to better and better rewards.

Path of Exile: The Crucible - Waiting for Diablo IV.  Grinding Gears Games announces a new expansion [2]

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Among the more important aspects we can add, for example, Atlas Gates, a direct addition to Path of Exile’s Endgame. These are new nodes that allow you to instantly switch between two skills in the Atlas passive tree, reducing the number of travel points, allowing players to focus on building the tree, which in turn gives them the ability to play their favorite content. In addition, the Breach and Abyss, two slightly older mechs in the league, have been revamped, nine new Val skills have been added, and the Ascension classes for Saboteur and Pathfinder have been reworked, giving them even more impact. Crucible launches on April 7 for PC and Mac and April 12 for PlayStation and Xbox. This seems like a good suggestion for people who are waiting for the June premiere of Diablo IV.

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