Iran wants to avoid international consequences.  It is to supply Russia with fewer weapons

The American portal looks at the results of Israeli intelligence Axios. Tel Aviv correspondent Barak Ravid reported that Iranian long-range ballistic missile shipments to Russia It could violate a UN Security Council resolution and thus lead to its re-imposition Penalties in Iran.

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Szrout: Russia’s membership in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is ridiculous in and of itself

Iran was afraid of the consequences. It is to supply Russia with fewer weapons

Axios says it is UN Security Council Resolution 2231. The document was adopted in 2015 as part of the nuclear deal. According to the report, countries cannot transfer or receive Iranian ballistic missiles and drones with a range of more than 300 kilometers and a payload of more than 500 kilograms until October 2023. The UN Security Council will meet on December 19 to discuss the implementation of Resolution 2231. .

The United States, United Kingdom, and France assessed that shipments of Iranian drones to Russia violated the resolution. Tehran and Moscow strongly oppose it. Iran initially denied supplying such weapons to Russia. He finally confirmed the deliveries, but believes they were delivered before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of this year.

Israeli intelligence officials say Iran has not completely abandoned arms shipments to Russia, but only plans to transfer missiles with a range of less than 300 kilometers and wants to modify other missiles to remain within the parameters of the decision.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry and a spokesman for Iran’s representative to the United Nations did not comment on the information.

The European Union did not agree on the ninth package of sanctions against Russia

On Monday evening, the Brussels correspondent for Polish radio, Beata Polomica, stated that the European Union countries had not reached an agreement on the ninth package of European Union sanctions against Russia. The Broadcasting Media Agency reported that ambassadors from 27 countries will return to the talks on Tuesday.

reason? There have been other proposals for exemptions from EU sanctions, this time for steel. One of the diplomats commented on the situation in an interview with Płomecka: “It’s a joke.”

At the ambassadors’ meeting on Friday, proposals for exemptions from the restrictions concerned, among others, oligarchs from the agricultural sector and compressed natural gas from processing Crude oil. Today, before the ambassadors’ meeting, the foreign ministers discussed the restrictions. vice president polishing Foreign Minister Pawick Japonski reported after the meeting that work on sanctions was moving forward and the list of contradictions was getting smaller, although he acknowledged that they still remained. He stressed that Poland did not agree to the waivers, and if that was the case, they should be defined very precisely.

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