slag.  Arged Malesa has officially introduced a new player.  There is a great name

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Press conferences with the announcement of new acquisitions at Garcarek’s headquarters are a tradition for the Ostrów club. It was no different this time. On Friday, a few minutes after 11, it was reported that Francis Justus had joined Ostrovia.

Arged Malesa has been very active in recent days. The reason is the injuries suffered by Sebastian Szostak, Tobias Musilak and Victor Balovara. In Wielkopolska, the acquisition was, among others, Mateusz Szczepanyak and Adrian Gaia, but in the end the choice fell on other players. We reported the fact that there will be new people in the team in Ostrów Wielkopolski on the WP SportoweFakty portal on Thursday.

According to many, Francis Ghosts is one of the most skilled motorcycle racing riders of the younger generation. Such opinions are not surprising, because the Latvian has been in great shape for several seasons. His impressive driving resulted in a contract with Betard Sparta Wrocław. However, the competition there is so strong that the 20-year-old does not stand a chance of starting in the PGE Ekstraliga.

However, in Lower Silesia, they have big plans for him, which is why they are constantly allowing him to develop with regular performances in lower leagues. A year ago, the Riga-born rider rode his second moto in the colors of PSŻ Pozna. With an average of 2.317, he was the most effective player in the entire competition. At the end of the season, however, he suffered an injury that forced him to retire early in 2022.

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In any case, if not for health problems, Gusts could have hung the junior world championship medal around his neck, because after the first round he was in second place. However, he did not appear for the next two days. In the previous season, at the age of 18, he finished the course in sixth place. In the same year, he won the gold medal at the European Junior Individual Championships.

No wonder half of the clubs of the First League were fighting for the loan of a young player from Latvia. The 20-year-old was interested in H. Skrzydlewska Orzeł Łódź, Enea Falubaz Zielona Góra, Żebebe PSŻ Poznań and Zdunek Wybrzeże Gdańsk. However, in recent days, the Arged Malesa Ostrów has shown the most determination, who, due to the injury of two of her seniors, was urgently looking for someone who would be able to fill in the gaps in the team.

Jan Jarkerk said during the conference: – Times are tough, life goes fast, but we have a great player thanks to the amazing people at Ostrow. – Dear fans. We did everything for you to come to the stadium in droves and to fill the club’s cash register, – he added after a while.

– The leader in the negotiations was Garkirk, and we thank you for that. Other patrons also helped. Waldemar Gorski said the main conversations are between Jan Jarkerk and Andre Roscoe, an honorable man and as he said, he did. Mariusz Staszewski reported that there was another player at stake, but in the end the choice fell on the Latvian player who opened up many tactical possibilities.

– I like this track because it’s big and I like tracks like this. I promise I will do my best and do a lot to make the team from Ostrów ride the best it can be. I will take part in the match against Rybnik practically from the rally, because on Saturday I will have a competition in Gdańsk, but I know this track very well, because I have already ridden it before – admit the latest addition to Arged Malesy.

Leon Flint will also join the ranks of Ostroya, who already in December received permission to leave ROW Rybnik, and on Thursday information about his departure was provided by Krzysztof Mrozek. The Ostrovia coach also confirmed during a press conference the transfer of the young Briton.

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