June 7, 2023


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Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge calls the unmasked a "definite liar" on stage

Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge calls the unmasked a “definite liar” on stage

This week’s masks may not have fooled all investigators, but at least he managed to fool his friend Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge.

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After a surprising explanation I am like a bird, By Nellie Furtado, it’s the adorable Pepeluka that was unfortunately removed by the public.

Just before she was unmasked, investigators made their final predictions.

If the names of Sophie Nélisse, Rosalie Vaillancourt and Catherine Brunet were mentioned, for Stephen Rousseau (yes, yes, him again), Mariana Mazza was no doubt hiding in the dress.

Rousseau was right.

When she unmasked, everyone was surprised (except Steph) but none more so than the host of the show.

“Mariana Mazza, you are a total liar!” He shouted GLT when he saw the comedian’s face.

A few days before the shooting, the host said that he had seen Mariana and that she played well.

“She came to our house for dinner and asked me Mask singers It’s like madam doesn’t know anything about it.

Mariana seems to have had a good time: “He asked me questions: ‘Would you do it?’ I said: ‘Well, no, I don’t have enough time for that in my schedule’.

Mazza said he loved his experience. It was very sad that the comedian was unmasked. “I don’t want to go home!” She started.

Remember that this time, Stephen Rousseau is ahead of winning the Golden Ear, which is the biggest surprise of all.

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