You don't have to pay subscription debt.  Here is the condition

Debtors receive notices from Poczta Polska to settle their arrears. The recipient has only 7 days to make the specified payment.

If he fails to do so, further steps will be taken. The debt is then executed on the basis of an execution document submitted to the competent tax office to which the debtor is subject.

The Tax Office can collect late RTV license fees from: Overpayment of income tax, bank account, pension, salary, but also through the minutes.

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The debt, of course, does not include only the principal amount. Interest and implementation costs are also taken into account.

Meanwhile, Gazeta Pomorska points out that there is one situation in which subscription debt is not required.

At the end of 2024, the arrears due at the beginning of 2019 will expire. It is worth noting that only those who have not deregistered their radio and television equipment and stopped paying for them can expect calls to pay the arrears.

If someone does not register a recipient, they will not receive such communications. All because it does not appear in the mail file.

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