"Increasing danger to Iga your lips?"  We have an exciting final in Charleston.  research!

The Charleston Championships is the first meal-based event of the season. So on the surface where Iga Świątek is undoubtedly the Queen. And that won’t change in our opinion, although some commentators in America see it a bit differently. They even speak of the “increasing danger to Iga Schwietik”. So its a growing threat.

Iga will win over everything

This is a gross exaggeration for many reasons. In South Carolina the meal is different than usual in Europe. So it’s not a brick color, it’s a subtle gray or green, as these pitches across the ocean say. It’s hard to say it’s land. It is more like concrete sprinkled with sand. So it’s good that Iga pulled out of this event after winning in Miami. Skating on something like that would only bother her before competing in Europe.

Party time in Charleston

On the other hand, Świątek will win everything now. They were going to make her play on the moon, that too. On sand or even boards with nails, so is the self-confidence of the 20-year-old Polish woman, who recently became the leader in the world rankings.

They can hack

In the absence of Iga Świątek in Charleston, other tennis players could mess around. And two stars have experienced a crisis recently, but have already achieved great success, qualifying for the finals. The first with her is Olympic champion Belinda Bencic, who did not give killer Magda Lynet Ekaterina Alexandrua a chance. She won the Russian 6:4, 6:3 and in the final they will face Anas Jaber, who had problems for the first time in this tournament and eliminated American Amanda Anisimova after a three-set fight 2:6, 6:1, 6:4.

Watch the shortcut and key balls in the Bencic-Alexandro semi-finals. Belinda was good, but not as good as Iga…

In the second and third matches, I lost five matches – the same number of matches I have lost thus far. But now she had to chase after Anisimova and she did it in style. Although the challenger was the decisive stage leader 4:3 with a break. However, the ending that Tunisia performed was dramatic.

It was hot, but after a period of “frost”

This week Jaber has been impressive – though, let’s stress again, not to the point of Christmas – and in the final he will face Bencic, who, like at the Olympics, also performed well in doubles. The Helvetian representative, as well as all the other participants, played the end of the tournament in extremely cold temperatures. Suddenly a cold front came over Charleston, and instead of the immense humidity it had been at the beginning of the week, it was very cold.

Watch what Bencic said after winning the semi-finals…

However, the Swiss did not repeat her Olympic success. In the semi-finals, she found Linette a little renewed and her experienced partner Andreja Klepac. The Poles and Slovenes turned out to be more effective than Belinda and her Ukrainian partner Anhelina Kalinina and won 6:3, 7:6 (8). In the finals, they will face doubles specialists: Czech Lucy Hradika and India’s Sania Mirza. Linette has the highest skill in this group, she’s the best singles player and hopefully you’ll “put her on the stove”. And if that happens, then the title of this championship should finally fall into her hands.

He can play that ten times

This tournament confirmed the great potential of Mrs. Poznan. Linette ranked 64th in the world rankings first eliminating American Katie Volentes, then top-ranked Canadian Leylah Fernandez and Estonian Kaia Kanepi. She emphasized that her position does not reflect the strength of her game at all. Magda can play at least ten tournaments in a season. This would secure her a place in the WTA Top 30 list. We hope to see her there soon.

Especially since she has a chance to score a lot of points in the European part of the season. To Strasbourg and Roland Garros, where she beat Ashleigh Barty last season, she could go up. There will be a few places where you should score a good score. Mark Gillard reminded her of her winning moments, because with this English coach she won championships and showed her best form.

May be accompanied by Świątek

Last season’s David Sylt also gave her plenty of energy and advice, which then translated into victories with the great stars – Barty and Jelena Swetolina at Wimbledon. Now it looks like this good trend may continue. Not only in 250 event series, but also in 500 and above. Linette has the ability to accompany Iga Świątek in her.

Iga Świątek Against Violence – Read Why

Both will meet soon at Radom in the Billie Jean King Cup match. Both are in a really good mood. No one could imagine in this case that the Polish national team would lose to Romania. We are #1, we have a great solo and duo player. And competitors will perform without Simona Halep.

optimistic conclusions

On Sunday, Iga will definitely consider the final in Charleston and that’s an “increasing risk”, Magda will play the title match in South Carolina herself. Conclusions in both cases should be optimistic. There’s no increased danger over Christmas, and Lynette – regardless of the outcome – has plenty of fuel for the weeks ahead. Let’s get ready for a wonderful tennis spring. It will likely last until June!

The wonderful Jaber semi-finals – Anisimova. Abbreviation and most important procedures. There was something to look at in this match


Charleston. WTA 500 Championship (total prizes $700,000).


Belinda Bencic (Switzerland 10) beat Ekaterina Alexandrowa (Russia) 6-4, 6-3.

Anas Jaber (Tunisia 4) beat Amanda Anisimova (USA) 2-6, 6-1, 6-4


Magda Linate (Poland)Andrea Klebak (Slovenia, 4) – Vivian Heizen (Germany), Yi Van Schu (Germany) 6-2, 6-3.


Magda Lynette (Poland), Andrea Klebak (Slovenia, 4) – Belinda Bencic (Switzerland), Anhelina Kalinina (Ukraine) 6-3, 7-6 (8)

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