He scored a goal in the European League and showed the shirt.  Football mission message

Maybe it wasn’t easy Ruslan Malinovsky In the final match on Thursday 1/16 European Championships. Atalanta Bergamo faced a departure from Olympiacos Piraeus And although the course of the meeting ended positively for the Italians, the compatriots of the football player living in Ukraine fought with Russia. Thursday morning we received information about aggression from Russia.

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Muhammed Khalidov in exchange for the “Boxer” machine. unbelievable

Ruslan Malinovsky with a message to the world. ‘Not for war in Ukraine’

The players are showing their support for Ukraine in their own way. The FC Barcelona and Napoli teams presented a banner that read “Stop the war”.And Slavia Braga appeared in T-shirts that read: “We are with Ukraine.”

Ruslan Malinovsky scored two goals. after Once The goalkeeper defeated the opponents for the first time in the 66th minute. Malinowski fired a powerful shot from 16 meters into the crossbar. He was not happy after the goal. He only ran towards the gangs and showed a gesture of solidarity with the Ukrainians. “Not for the war in Ukraine” – we read on the shirt he was wearing under the club uniform.

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We didn’t wait long for the midfielder’s second strike. In the 69th minute, Malinowski received a pass other than the “Sixteen”, he agreed the ballHe looked and fired a powerful shot at the very window. The goal is much nicer than the first, but in this case also it did not show any fun. He collected congratulations from his teammates only and the referee resumed play from the middle of the field.

Atalanta Bergamo I made it to the 1/8 . finals European Championships. We do not yet know the Italian competitor. We will know the pairings draw for the fight to the quarter-finals on Friday, February 25th.

European League. How did the 1/16 final matches end?

  • Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Seville (total – 2:3)
  • Olympiacos Piraeus 0:3 Atalanta Bergamo (total – 1:5)
  • Real Sociedad 1: 3 RB Leipzig (total – 3:5)
  • Real Betis 0-0 Zenit Street, St. Petersburg (total – 2:3)
  • Sparta Braga – Sheriff of Tiraspol (still running)
  • SSC Naples 2:4 F.C.B (total – 3:5)
  • Notice 2:2 Borussia Dortmund (6:4)
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