A special mission to Venus is approaching.  Rocket Lab has announced the date

Venus is a planet that has been the target of many space missions. We know that the next two, called DaVinci and Veritas, are in the works by NASA. Meanwhile, it is also scheduled to be held soon A private project that will not be implemented with public money. It is organized by Rocket Lab, which aspires to become a competitor to SpaceX.

Rocket Lab, which is working on a new mission with MIT, announced its plans for Venus in 2020. A while ago, the launch was supposed to take place in the first half of this year, but that did not happen. During a NASA meeting related to the Venus Exploration Analysis Group, Christophe Mandy, chief systems engineer for interplanetary missions at the California company, revealed that the project may have its own project. Starting December 30, 2024.

Is this a specific date? Unfortunately, this is not the case and Rocket Lab’s Mandy adds It may be extended until 2025. During the launch, the company’s rocket called “Electron” will be used, which will carry the probe into space. It will perform some maneuvers and head towards the vicinity of the moon. The ship will then fly towards Venus, where it will arrive after about a year and a half of flight.

The aforementioned mission to Venus is not funded by public funds, but by the private sector. Rocket Lab, in collaboration with MIT, obtained the funds for this Mysterious benefactors, whose names have not been revealed. This is the first project of its kind, and its success (or failure) will determine whether there will be more projects, which is taken into account.

The mission is to explore the atmosphere of Venus. Some scientists believe that there may be conditions favorable to life, which certainly cannot be said about the planet’s hot surface, where lead could melt. The search will be conducted by a 315-kg vessel called Venus Life Finder. After reaching our neighbor, a small probe will be launched into its atmosphere, which will then collect scientific data. It will then be analyzed by scientists on Earth.

Venus is close to us, but in fact it is not a well-studied planet and still hides many secrets from us. It has recently been determined that its tectonic plates may have been similar to Earth’s, and this has reopened the question of possible life that may have existed on this world before.

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