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WTA 1000 Championship in Dubai – Semi-Final

Iga Świątek – Coco Gauff 6:4, 6:2

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In the duel for the title, Świątek will play the winner of the Jessica Pegula – Barbora Krejcikova match.

Swiatek – Gauff 6: 4, 6: 2. Iga Świątek in the final of the tournament in Dubai! For the sixth time, she didn’t let Gauff win even a single set. The Polish woman probably finished the last game with 15 wins.

Swiatek – Gauff 6: 4, 5: 2. And making up for some of the losses did not have a positive effect on the Americans. Under even greater pressure, she couldn’t handle her serve. Światek was already leading 40:0 and used the third break point, breaking quickly.

Swiatek – Gauff 6:4, 4:2. There were nerves and more inaccuracies on the part of the Raszynian woman. She committed as many as two double faults in this game and gave it to her opponent, lengthening her hopes of a comeback.

Swiatek – Gauff 6:4, 4:1. A gem of great service by a player from the US. She showed a more confident pass and this time was leading 40: 0. Świątek made up for some of the losses, but in the end Gauff finished the match with a stunning diagonal move.

Swiatek – Gauff 6: 4, 4: 0. Polka has a little more problems than in the last minutes, but expands the advantage, winning the match to 30. Gauff tries to take risks to return to this set, but he lacks accuracy on stronger plays.

Swiatek – Gauff 6: 4, 3: 0. The American looks resigned. At 0:30, she double-faulted a serve, and Świątek only needed one break point to break again. Another gem that Raszynian won to zero.

Source: Getty Images Iga Swiatek

Swiatek – Gauff 6: 4, 2: 0. The complete dominance of Mrs. Rasinian, who did not allow her rival to score a single point with her own request. The favorite’s advantage in the center field is getting more and more.

Swiatek – Gauff 6: 4, 1: 0. Polka with a break already at the start of the second batch. After two more hits at the net, the younger tennis players showed signs of frustration. After a while, she threw the ball far into the car and was already 40:15 to the leader of the WTA rating. The car was whistled incorrectly after Świątek had played at the finish line, and on the replay the game could have already been closed.

The American starts the second set as server.

Swiatek – Gauff 6: 4. Net play and a double serve error on the part of the Polish woman made it 30:30. After a while, the 21-year-old got another free kick, but she threw it again. Fortunately, in the feature game, Świątek managed to save the first set to her account.

Swiatek – Gauff 5: 4. The game was initially led by the first racket of the world, who soon won on set pieces, leading 40:15. However, the 18-year-old responded in superb style, turning the game in his favour. In the end, the American got out of trouble and defended the order.

Source: Getty Images The battle for the final continues

Swiatek – Gauff 5: 3. The American won her first break opportunity and immediately used it. The excitement in this group is far from over. We’ll see how Świątek will handle the discount request now.

Swiatek – Gauff 5: 2. The second half is at the expense of the representative of Poland! Schwijk showed a sample of great defense, played bravely, forced the opponent to make mistakes and won the match to 15. The Polish woman will serve to win the first set in an instant.

Swiatek – Gauff 4: 2. The Polish woman confidently kept her breakthrough advantage. Goff had absolutely no say in the match, and lost it for nothing. After a few plays, you could see the helplessness on her face.

Swiatek – Gauff 3: 2. Good answer from a competitor from the United States. Światek threw an important ball at 30:15 to the opponent, which limited its chances in the next break. Gauff finished the match with a powerful serve.

Source: Getty Images Świątek fights in Dubai

Swiatek – Gauff 3: 1. The Americans’ excellent backhand at the start of the game heralded an even fiercer fight, but nothing of the kind. Raszynianka only garnered more attention. The server scored four straight points and won convincingly by 15 points.

Swiatek – Gauff 2: 1. Excellent game by my favourites. She started it by winning a longer exchange, then deftly struck near the line, pressed her opponent and soon it was 40:0. The 18-year-old tried to take advantage of the opportunity against the wall, but sent the ball into the net and was cracked for the first time in today’s match.

Swiatek – Gauff 1: 1. Raszynianka lacked accuracy at the start of her first service game. The next two actions ended with the throwing of the ball. Fortunately, she quickly improved, winning three straight points. He led the American into a game of preference, but this time the WTA leader was ahead. coordination.

Swiatek – Gauff 0: 1. The tennis player from the USA had problems hitting the first serve, thanks to which the Polish woman was able to push her into a deeper defense. After the car, Gauff Świątek had a chance to break in 40:30. However, the younger player defended herself and won the match.

The warm-up is over. Gauff serves first.

Tennis players have already appeared on the court, and soon their sixth duel will begin. All previous matches with talented American Świątek were decided in two sets.

Swiatek and Gauff are already heading to district court.

The Devils finished their game. Representatives of Chinese Taipei won 6: 4, 4: 6, 10: 4. So we are waiting for the appearance of Świątek and Gauff in court.

Before Świątek and Gauff appear on the court, the doubles match played earlier must end. The duel between representatives of Chinese Taipei Hao Ching Chan / Lateisha Chan and Dutch-American doubles Desira Krawsek / Demi Schurz tied. The score will be decided by a major tiebreaker.

She played her final match with the American Świątek in the WTA Finals tournament which ended the previous season.

The Polish tennis player will play from Goff for the sixth time in her career. She has won all previous matches.

Švedek to the semi-finals in Dubai had a somewhat streamlined path after Karolina Pliskova’s resignation.

Good morning. We invite you to report to the semi-finals of the WTA 1000 tournament in Dubai, where Iga Świątek will face American Coco Gauff.

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