January 28, 2023


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Grbi has narrowed the lineup.  World Cup without a star

Grbi has narrowed the lineup. World Cup without a star

The Polish Volleyball Federation has officially announced a change in the list of the Polish national team assigned to the training camp before the World Cup. One star fell off the frame.

Raphael Sarhej

Polish national volleyball players

Press materials / VNL / In the photo: Poland’s volleyball team

The Polish national team has been preparing for the World Championships in Poland and Slovenia for several days. The first stage of these preparations was the 2022 League of Nations volleyball tournament.

The team led by Nikola Gerbic finished third, which in effect puts the Whites and the Reds in a tight group of candidates for the world championship.

For Poland, this would be a defense of the double championship they won in 2014 and 2018 respectively. We already know which volleyball players we will definitely not see in the stadiums of Poland and Slovenia.

Bartosz Bednors, Jan Verlige and Karol Buterin have officially withdrawn from the national team to participate in the World Championships. Wilfredo Leon is still fighting for his chance to coach, trying to get back in shape.

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– The decision on the “fourteen” of the world championship had to be taken before the friendly match with Ukraine, which we will play in Radom. Last weekend, I decided it had to be done now. The choice is always very difficult, because all the volleyball players who trained this summer deserve to take part in the tournament – this is how Nikola Grbich explained his decision.

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The World Championships will start on August 26 in Katowice. At the opening ceremony, the Polish national team will face the Bulgarian national team. In turn, the final match was scheduled for September 11. It will also take place in Spodek in Katowice.

Staff remaining at Sabella pre-World Cup training camp:

Game Maker: Grzegorz Łomacz, Marcin Janusz

Attackers: Bartosz Couric, Łukasz Kaczmarek

Center: Matthews Pinnick, Carol Koss, Jacob Kochanowski, Matthews Puriba

receiver: Kamel Semenyuk, Alexander Aliuca, Wilfredo Leon, Tomas Fornal, Bartosz Kollek

libero: Jacob Bobiuchak, Bowie Zatorsky

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