Boniek on the vote regarding Widzew's protest: This is false democracy

Zbigniew Boniek, in an interview with Polsat Sport, commented on Widzew Łódź's protest regarding a repeat of the cup match against Wisła Kraków. The former president of the federation also spoke about Lech Poznań and the upcoming matches of the Polish national team.

About the Visla-Widzew match:

I don't know if the result of this vote will be known before this interview is published, but I support voting for a rematch, because that would be a novelty and fun (laughter). If we speak quite seriously, it is known that the match cannot be replayed. For a simple reason: the young referee, Mr. Kos, made a mistake by awarding the goal 1-1, but it was his decision and it cannot be said that he did not notice anything. He made this decision consciously. There is no way to repeat this match ever!

Widzew's protest was rejected. The match against Visla will not be repeated

Meanwhile, 20 people have the right to vote. Someone said that since there was a formal protest from Widzew, it should be voted on. Correct button! You don't have to vote, it's a false democracy. You don't have to vote, for one simple reason. Of course, Widzew had the right to lodge a protest, but the Commission is obliged to say that such a protest has no reason for its existence and has no basis in the regulations.

There was supposed to be a lot of noise surrounding this match and it was loud. However, there is more populism in all this than common sense (…) If poor refereeing is the reason for a repeat of the match, it will turn out that the match between Olinsk and Widziu played three days later should also be repeated. .

About Lech Poznań:

Coach Romak was supposed to win 13 matches and draw two, but this plan actually collapsed. It seems to me that the problem in Lech is deeper and does not concern only the coach. This club is like a happy oasis: everyone is doing well, they are happy, they are earning a lot, the money is coming in on time, and everything is fine. No results found.

In my opinion, there has to be a radical change in mentality, in the middle. Everyone should have more ambition and be more demanding of themselves. Without this, I feel sorry for Lech, because he has the most potential in Polish football.

About the Polish national team:

This playoff is one game, because we will beat Estonia at home, despite the problems we have. Estonia is a team that is not much stronger than Gibraltar. The weights will be in the second match. I think facing Finland will be better than facing Wales. This will be a very important test.

Not participating in the European Championships would be a big blow. I remember how easy our qualifying group was. It would have been great not to come out in the top two, but we didn't. Not qualifying for Euro 2024, even through the qualifiers, would be a very big loss for Polish football. Not only financially, but also in terms of image. It would be a pity not to go to such a large-scale European tournament when you were drawn from the first basket to qualify for the qualifying round!

More is coming:

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Sources of citations: Pulsat Sport

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