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Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous interview with Piers Morgan also featured the topic of rivalry with FC Barcelona icon Leo Messi. Contrary to the statements about his club and coach, the Portuguese spoke about the Argentine with warm words.

Piers Morgan: Imagine the World Cup final between Portugal and Argentina. Messi scored two goals, scored two goals, and in the 94th minute scored the third goal and won the World Cup…

Cristiano Ronaldo: she is very beautiful. I don’t expect something so pretty. Whoever can score, even the goalkeeper, I will be the happiest man in the world. If that happens, I’m done with football (laughs). by 100%.

This could be Messi’s last World Cup, and he didn’t win it either. You are practically connected forever. For me, you are the best of all, you are the number one, Messi the second. You have a great relationship. You are not friends, but you have always respected each other. What do you think of Messi? This could be the last World Cup for both of you…

as a soccer player? Stunning, enchanting, over the top. As a person…we’ve shared this scene for 16 years. Imagine, 16 years old … I have a wonderful relationship with him. He’s not a friend who visits you at home, he’ll talk on the phone, but he’s like a teammate. He has a lot of respect when he talks about me… Even his wife, they have a lot of respect. They are from Argentina and so is my girlfriend. I can only say positive things about Messi. He’s a great guy.

He’s the best player you’ve ever seen… besides you?

maybe yes. He, Zidane… who did you compete with? yes!

Have you had dinner before?


do you want?

Yes why not?

I can come?

naturally! (laughs) I love people, I love meeting people. I love to share things, ideas, stories… I would. Just like Maradona and Pele… no problem. I am a good man. I don’t like criticizing people. I don’t have this goal in life. You have to be positive.

What if, for example, Mbappe left Real Madrid and PSG said: “We have a great idea!” And they will bring you to play with Messi…?

Anything is possible in football. why not…? I don’t know….

I’m sure they will sell a lot of shirts!

Of course!

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