I am disappointed, Mr Sarto!

My expectations were high last Friday at the Bell Center.

I went there thinking that Michel Sardou was going to entertain members of his audience who had been loyal to him for 60 years.

But apparently, Mr. Zardov liked to have fun, singing mainly obscure songs from his repertoire.

He repeated some of his hits, but condensed them into simple extracts and brought them together in the mix.

Those who paid $100 to $228 per ticket can say they didn’t get their money’s worth! Especially when parking at the Bell Center costs… $41!

What generosity?

Beyond Sartu’s single example, it’s an all-too-common phenomenon of artists whose biggest hits are missed by the audience, which frustrates me.

I remember many years ago when Vincent Delarme came to Montreal. His biggest song, his biggest hit, put him “on the map,” and it certainly was Fanny Ardant and myself.

I thought to myself that Delerme was not being generous when he continued his songs without even designing to sing his big hit.

It’s even crazier: I heard more complete versions of Sardo’s greatest hits while eating at the Bell Center’s Pasadena restaurant than during the show! The owners of the restaurant had the strange idea of ​​playing sardhu only for those who were eating there before going to watch the show.

In the first part of the program, pianist Antoine de Graup combined Sarto’s compositions into his own pieces. The audience sang at the Bell Center Singing And Love disease… In the absence of the great man.

Then, when Zardhove came on stage, he gave us a cold shower: he was going to disappoint us, because he wouldn’t sing the song we wanted to hear. “Even though the show lasted eight hours, the song was still missing.” People come up to him after his show and accuse him of not singing the song they came for.

I totally get what he meant: he can’t please every fan of every song. But that’s no reason to show off your greatest hits by quickly turning them into a mix.

Why did you cut it? Singing, Broadway Java, Le France In juice but sang Mam’selle Louisiana Full? Why do you like songs that cats don’t know the words to?

Michel Sardou ended his program by resuming As usual By Claude François. why not But it’s even weirder that he would set aside his own successes to highlight someone else’s greatest success.

It’s still incredible that we leave a Sardu show without humming Sardo.

Meeting missed

Michel Sardou’s program was titled I say goodbye. I was sure he was going to show up and spoil us.

Let me tell you about my evening at the Bell Center, and I say goodbye…I miss it.

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