Hugh Jackman kisses his wife, who is 13 years older than him, during the premiere at the Venice Film Festival (photos)

Venice Film Festival It lasts at its best. for several days 79th Italian Film Festival There are regular premieres of new products, and the local red carpet is exploding at the seams One of the biggest stars in the world of cinema. The reporters covering the event are undoubtedly full of hands – apart from the wonderful creations, there were also many exciting happenings in the following.

Wednesday on Edition 79 Venice Film Festival The movie premiered “Son” Florian Zeller. The premiere of the image of the French director in the media became famous not only because of the star actor at the event, but also because of an unexpected incident on the red carpet. Participant in the Italian “Big Brother VIP” program Alessandro Bacciano because he decided suggest lovable Sophie Codegoni In front of photojournalists.

Undoubtedly, the engagement of the Italian celebrity did not manage to distract the paparazzi from the stars of the movie “The Son”. Among the cast members on the red carpet you can see, among others Laura Dern and Vanessa Kirby, There was also, of course, the main role Hugh Jackman.

She accompanied the Australian actor during the premiere wife, Deborah Lee Furness. Guysdor and his girlfriend are over 13 years old They have been married for 26 years They raise two children together. Everything points to the fact that, despite the passage of time, the feeling of steam is still strong. Being at the event, the couple are not only keen They took pictures together, But they also allowed themselves To show a little tenderness.

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At one point while walking the red carpet, Jackman moved towards his wife who was standing nearby And he kissed her tenderly in front of the photojournalists, While he binds his hand to the hand of Frances. The couple also posed for later photos, where they gave the world whiter smiles.

The 53-year-old actor appeared at the premiere on Wednesday wearing a classic and elegant tuxedo, while his wife opted for some extravagance. Deborah Lee Furness appeared on the red carpet in Venice In original small black Adorned with draped stripes of suspender-like fabric, the cropped jacket looks like an unfinished project by a tailor. The 66-year-old completed the design plaid socks and wedge shoes.

In April, Jackman and Furness celebrate 26th wedding anniversary. Then the actor posted a private intervention on Instagram, in which life is melting on the side of his wife.

Today I celebrate 26 years of marriage with my extraordinary wife. Every day is full of laughter and joy. Deb, you light up my life. I love you with all my heart! The Australian star wrote.

Watch Hugh Jackman pose with his wife at the Venice Film Festival.

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really? It is very important that the largest ????? It is important that he loves her!

And the fun. Hugh is handsome and his wife looks good too.

I was there! Lee Hyo wave!!!

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Jackman’s wife in one of the interviews gave an anecdote about how they understood their relationship. “Once, at the Oscars, as I was sitting on the toilet, I was watching two women talking inadvertently, wondering what Hugh saw in me, and I concluded that he might have been gay and I was wearing his cap. I drained the water, got out of the booth and said: In Morning I make Hugh & Sons scrambled eggs because I’m a great cook too. You should have seen their expressions!” teased Deborah.

Men age mentally faster than women.

Hugh Hugh is still waiting. the ideal man

When they got married, he was 27 and she was 40. a stranger

The cupcake looks good. After 50/60, the age difference is not obvious anymore

Hugh loves pickles in his mouth and pickles

Poodle, I downloaded an entire article from the Daily Mail yesterday. word by word. Even the title.

One likes smart women, the other likes teens with fingernails and an over-the-ear talking solarium. Everyone must choose for themselves.

You have wives of your age, but by the way you are older than your wives and Hugh is younger

So what if his 66 has the money and the comfort for 46 without exaggeration these days, age is just a number

He’s fine as a man and husband, but I don’t like him as an actor.

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