The handicap on the A1 is nearby.  The highway will be fully operational in 2022.

Mirbud Skierniewice, contractor of the A1 motorway from Piotrków Trybunalski to Kamieńsk, Ends Thursday evening (September 8) concrete paving works on the western road, which led to Katowice. Road workers implemented the summer plan with little delay.

This is an important moment for this investment. This means that unless there is a sudden and dramatic shift, Even in unfavorable weather, road workers will be able to bring it back this year The last missing sections of the highway connecting Pomerania to the Polish-Czech border.

undertaker, She was also betrayed by in JulyAnd the In early October and November He wants to open the western route between Piotrków and Kamieńsk. December at the latest, but before Christmas. Thus, the highway will be completely open along its entire length. Perhaps with restrictions that will disappear after the completion of the works in 2023.

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There will be voids at the construction site of the A1 motorway. Why is he okay?

Paving work will be completed in early September. Why will the traffic then only be released after two or even three months? This is due to the selected building materials.

Matthews Beck, Director of Concrete Quality and Technology at Podpol, who is responsible for the pavement on the final section of the A1 under construction, explains that concrete, unlike asphalt, It takes time to hold together properly. However, the benefit of this solution is the longer continuity of the road.

however, For at least 28 days with a new road surface, there is nothing for road workers to do. Only after this period the workers return to the road, for example, to create the side of the road, to organize a dividing strip between roads, to draw horizontal signs, and to put up vertical signs.

The construction of the A1 motorway from Tuszyn in the county from ód to Czestochowa cost 3.5 billion PLN, of which 1.7 billion PLN is financed by the European Union.

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