However, they opened the door to escape from the Russians.  This could be a bad omen

Because of the worsening situation US and Canadian government authorities They urged their compatriots in Russian and Ukrainian lands to leave as soon as possible. The case concerns, inter alia, the following: hockey players play in the KHL. It is difficult to judge whether they will listen to the appeal, but if so, they will not be the only athletes fleeing the country with a strong hand ruling them. Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It turns out that Russian players are preparing for trips abroad who are afraid of this In the face of “partial mobilization” they will be called up to the army They will have to hit the front. However, they have a big problem. Some countries decided to release Ban the entry of Russians into its territory. This group of countries includes the Czech Republic.

Foreign Minister last week Jan Lebavsky Declared that the Czech Republic Humanitarian visas will not be issued to Russian citizens Flee the packing order. In addition, the heads of parliamentary committees and the Czech Senate support the ban on issuing Schengen visas to Russians.

It is not the end. Lipavsky Ministry also reported that the Russians Players who play in North America will be undesirable in the Czech Republic. Now, however, something is starting to change what some people read A bad omen for the futurePrevious.

Storm in Russia! Severe reaction after packing leakage. The network was boiling

As knows, The Czech authorities have finally agreed to allow Russian hockey players to enter He plays in the NHL. The decision was made after the Czechs spoke with hockey leaders.

Tomas Bujar, an adviser to Prime Minister Peter Viale, makes it clear that the arrival of these Russians is not a threat. He stated that it was not enough for them Schengen visasThey still have a work visa and residence permit in the United States.

The case is controversial. Some residents of the Czech Republic (including the former hockey star Dominic Hazek) against citizens of the Russian Federation who are playing in their country. It is emphasized that Not many of them condemned Putin’s war in all these months carried out on the territory of Ukraine.

It is also said that After all, hockey is one of Vladimir Putin’s favorite sportsSo every strike against it is directed indirectly at the President of Russia.

The Russian star is shocked by the war. Emphasis on mobilization in the army

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