Not just electricity.  The city also provides heat

Heat will be saved in city buildings. It was decided to reduce the power.

The thermal energy management savings plan was already introduced this spring. At the beginning of February, the city authorities met with representatives of the Miejskie Przedsińôbiorstwo Gospodarki Cieplnej board of directors.

As a result, the MPEC introduced nighttime energy cuts (changes in the heat curve) in buildings operated by city administrative units (including schools, kindergartens and nurseries) from 16 Friday through 3 a.m. Monday.

Night reduction of thermal energy will also be applied on public holidays from the previous day 16, until the day after the holiday until 3 am.

– Facilities managers have been required to connect thermostats during winter holidays and during study breaks in all rooms and rooms where administration and service personnel and students participating in winters will not be present – informs the municipal office in Melek.

After the inventory of heating contracts and the verification of heating facilities, which was also carried out at the beginning of the year, a program of investments necessary to save heat consumption was introduced, including the replacement of radiators and the installation of thermostatic valves. In most public buildings operated by the city, this plan has already been partially implemented.


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