How to download Canal+ software Update 4K decoder Record DualBox + EPG by hiding time recordings where an error is reported

The update will take about 25 minutes. While updating, do not disconnect the device from the power supply and antenna. After software changes, decoders can record individual programs over time.

A feature has also been introduced that allows you to hide recordings. It can be useful for parents who do not want children to watch adult content using the same set-top box.

In addition, the appearance of individual series’ episode tiles changes in the interface of the device. There are also install fixes that improve the work of the decoder. Unicable’s antenna configuration will also change. SAT Kurier states that it will now be possible to turn off the second tuner so that it is not only used for recording. This will allow you to connect another decoder to the antenna. Canal+ offers the DualBox+ set-top box from September 2022.

Previous software updates

In January, 4K Ultra Box + decoders from Technicolor and some devices from ADB (Technicolor USW4001NCP – ITCA and ADB NCP-3670SF – JADA) received new software. The software made it easy, among other things, to register and create lists of favorite channels. – Discover new possibilities for your receiver. We will tell you how to use it. Did you know that you can easily set your channel order? All you have to do is select Menu, Settings and arrange your favorite channel list on your digital receiver. If you don’t know what to watch, select “menu” on the remote control and find something for the evening. Did you play a movie while it was on? Hit OK twice and watch it from the beginning. Discover new recording features! From today, schedule recordings according to the indicated channel, time, and hide selected recordings. You can also listen to your favorite radio stations, you will find them in your channel list – report Channel + at that time.

The facility to create your own channel lists may be useful in the context of working on the “Lex Pilot” government project. Presumably, the top five in the set-top boxes of all pay-TV operators will go to: TVP1, TVP2, TVP3, TVP Info and TVP Kultura, which some customers may not like. Many cable networks or digital platforms allow you to create your own lists, but it’s often inconvenient, difficult, and time-consuming. However, not all Canal+ subscribers were satisfied with the new programme. They wrote on discussion forums that earlier, after selecting the OK button on the remote control, a list of channels appeared. Currently, it is a window that contains a description of a particular program and advertisements for other programs. Now the menu should be called up using the buttons above and below OK.

From December 10, 2021 to the end of May 2022, the Canal + digital platform implemented ADB’s Graphyne3 system on 4K UltraBox + satellite decoders. Software for satellite set-top boxes has extended functionality in a way similar to well-known solutions from broadcast services. One of the main advantages of the program is the ability to rewind programs up to 8 hours long (catch up on TV). After upgrading the 4K Ultrabox + decoders, users can create a list of favorite channels with their own numbers. The channel width has also been modified. Her name and number are now displayed in the center. In addition, paying video on demand (VoD) will be easier to use. You can also change the decoder settings in an easier way. If the satellite signal is lost (eg during a storm or blizzard), it is possible to receive it via the Internet.

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