Podbeskidzie – Chrobry Glogow 6: 0. The Highlanders gave a concert in the video hope match

Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała’s players beat Chrobry Głogów and dramatically shortened the distance to the play-off zone. The Highlanders on Friday evening finally woke up to the gunfire. On their own court, they scored more than two goals in one match for the first time this season and immediately hit the “six”.

After the recent embarrassing defeat against Skra Częstochowa, the meeting with Chrobry Głogów of the Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała players has increased to a rank that is difficult to overestimate. Possible loss of points may mean that the distance to the playing area may indeed turn into an abyss. However, the Highlanders did not allow another drama to happen and defeated their rivals with great confidence, which meant a shortening of the distance to their dreams.

Podbeskidzie had his first great chance a few tens of seconds into the game, but the goal was “only” scored in the 24th minute. Maximilian Citic ran into the penalty area and gave the ball to Joan “Joko” Roman, who easily fired it into the net. The hosts followed suit and scored two more goals before half-time. First, Florian Harthers intercepted the ball in his own half, passed it to Joko, who scored an assist on Marcel Michtal’s shot, then Jeppe Simonsen hit the post, Kamil Bilinski made the rebound.

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