Baorslav: The excluded remains are back!  A modified version of a cult classic has been announced

In 1996, an unusual but very exciting game called Powerslave appeared on the market. Or extracted, depending on whether we played it on PSX, Sega Saturn or PC, we had different experiences and now our cult success will be back on PC thanks to Nightdive Studios

Exhumed was released 25 years ago, and it was one of the most interesting productions created in the style of Doom or Duke Nukem 3D, in which the developers focused mainly on combat and exploration of boards that contain many hidden secrets.

Interestingly enough, unlike the vast majority of games in our industry’s history, every version of Exhumed, known as Powerslave, was different! The games had more or less the same core, rules, and main assets, but the boards and enemies were often different, and some versions didn’t have the same content as others, so when we bought this title 3 times, we had 3 different productions.

Now the specialists from Nightdive Studios, the folks who brought us the mod of Turok, System Shock or Bad Mojo, have announced their work on Powerslave: Exhumed, an updated version of a classic from 25 years ago, in which we’ll see content from both PSX and Sega. Saturn, in addition, we will see modern Kex Engine solutions – the technologies of Nightdive Studios.

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