December 9, 2022


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People love foldable smartphones.  In 2022, they will be conquered

People love foldable smartphones. In 2022, they will be conquered

It’s no secret that popular foldable smartphones from year to year. The main element responsible for the increased interest in it will be lower prices, better and better standards, greater availability and a more interesting offer from the producers.

Experts have already announced that in 2022 we will face a real invasion of new models of foldable smartphones, not only from manufacturers who already offer them, but also from completely new ones. Here he talks about the company Xiaomi czy Honor. In 2021, to Samsung, Motorola, Royole and Huawei Oppo also joined. These innovative devices are selling great, but let’s face it, they will be taking out traditional smartphones in the coming years.

experts from Samsung They just published their report on the sale of the volumes. They assert it is getting better, but the ideal is still a long and winding road. In 2021, the Korean concern succeeded in selling 4 times more foldable smartphones than the previous year. It turns out that Z Fold3 and Z Flip 3 exceeded expected sales three times.

Samsung reported that after the first month of selling the new devices, it exceeded the total sales of all folded smartphones in 2020. It was also reported 150% increase in smartphone changes From traditional phones like the S21 to the Z Flip 3. The report confirms that people interested in innovative smartphones are drawn to the large workspace and interesting opportunities. There’s also more prestige and fashion at stake.

The Korean concern will certainly not stop at two groups, namely the Z Fold and Z Flip. We can expect to add another device or even two to it soon. Their domain is to be Brand new ways to fold it. There is even talk of folding it. The goal is to create a device that offers extremely compact dimensions and at the same time a huge screen. These concepts have been around for a long time, but batteries are an Achilles heel.

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