Hotel Empire Tadeusz Gołębiewski.  It is a challenge for the family, but success is within reach

Momentum and sheer size are the hallmarks of all the hotels of the deceased businessman. Hotel in PobierowoDespite the fact that it is not yet ready for use, Already hailed as ‘Little Dubai’. The gigantic hall, huge aquarium and kitchen make a big impression. There is also a water park with saunas, salt caves and exit towers, as well as swimming pools inside and outside the building.

However, such giant hotel complexes of the world are an inherent component of mass tourism. In Spain, Egypt or Greece it is standard. Meanwhile, they still stir up emotions in Poland.

Compared to foreign resorts, the approximately 1,100 hotel rooms in Pobierowo are not very impressive. Which does not change the fact that managing such a facility can be quite a challenge.

After the death of a businessman, When questions about what would happen to Tadeusz Gołębiewski’s hotel business surfaced almost immediately, his relatives quickly cut the speculation, informing that it would remain in family hands.

We asked hotel industry experts about the opportunities and challenges involved

Family hotel groups dominate the Polish market

– It will be difficult for the family to continue this business, because Tadeusz Gołębiewski himself managed everything manually. In addition, it is a very extensive business, so it will be difficult to manage – says the owner of one of the large hotel chains in an interview with

In turn, Katarzina Toxa, an expert on the hotel market at Walter Herz, estimates that managing the hotel business, which is already up and running, is Basically just a continuation. “Just don’t spoil it,” he says. It also notes that other family hotel groups are already successfully operating on the Polish market.

Let’s remember – the monthly “Hotelarz” ranking as of 2019, that is, before the pandemic period, shows that family businesses are among the largest hotel chains operating in Poland.

This group includes, among others Zdrogova hotels, (In 2019, it was the second largest revenue earner in Poland.) And also, among others, the Arche group, Dr Irena Eris SPA hotels and Bachlida group.

– The fact that the hotel business is family run is not an obstacle, since the majority of entrepreneurs in this market segment of the world are family hotels. Continuing such a business is also the result of running a mature business. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Tadeusz Gołębiewski family, until they take his energy – comments Katarzyna Gierczak Grupińska, President of Family Firms.

The increase in energy costs mainly affected small hotels

According to experts, the Tadeusz Gołębiewski family may also be favored by the return of fashion in Poland to relax in large hotels, providing many attractions within one facility.

Most of the new hotel facilities with several hundred rooms do not suffer from low occupancy. There are usually wild crowds at the Cristal Mountain Hotel in Wisła, and the same goes for the Blue Marine Mielno, which is a bit smaller in size, but the facility is still very popular — says Marlina Kosiora, expert at the “Inwestycje w Kurorts” outlet. .

In her opinion, not everyone prefers to relax in giant hotels, and this does not mean that it is a bad business. – In Poland there is a group of people who like to relax in this way and at the same time have a lot of attractions right away. This is why Pobierowo, if run, would surely be a good job – as he expects.

Jacek Tokarski, a hotel market expert and partner and owner of HIDA (Hotel Investment and Development Consulting), believes that the strength of the Gołębiewski Hotel brand has always been broad. – Hotels of this type are often criticized by those who do not visit them Says.

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– At the moment, the fashion for large hotels with rich additional supply is back. In such facilities, where there is, for example, a swimming pool with a water park, there is often a shortage of vacancies – says the expert.

Marek Zoczynski, president of the Polish Chamber of Hotel Owners, adds that, in a sense, history has come full circle again. Poles can return to relaxing in large facilities where they feel safe.

– If the hotel offer includes both activities for children and adults, then there is practically no need to move the place. Everyone will find something for themselves in such a facility. In this context, it may turn out that Tadeusz Gołębiewski was a visionary, because creatures like Pobierowo can be very common – he comments.

Hotel occupancy this year may be lower than it was a year ago

Alex Kloszewski, managing partner of Hotel Professionals, also believes that the success of the so-called large hotels, that is, those offering more than 500 rooms, largely depends on a properly selected offer of additional services.

– In order to fill such a thing, it is necessary to provide guests with many attractions throughout the year and a wide gastronomic offer. Therefore, their offer cannot be limited to spa centers and gyms. It must be diverse enough to attract guests of all walks to the facility – families with children, couples, groups of friends, on the other hand, conferences, integration events, weddings and other events, ensuring stable results also outside the high season – comments.

Therefore, in his opinion, the challenges of such facilities do not end with their presentation only. Thus their success depends to a large extent on the quality of their management.

– Most hotels of this type are properties owned by private owners and their families who also manage them. However, not understanding the complexity of the hotel object can bring the owners up to 100-200 thousand. Losing profit every day. The hotel business is very complex. The hotel “lives” 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all this time, its team must be ready for different situations – adds Alex Kloshevsky.

Adam Pasternak of Lege Restrukturyzacje thinks this year’s holiday could be tough for the hotel industry.

The economic situation in Poland last year was much better. This allowed the hotel industry to take a breath, as did the support from the anti-crisis shields, which allowed many hotel facilities to survive. However, we currently have a different situation, energy prices are rising, which increases the operating costs of each company, both in terms of facility maintenance and personnel – says Adam Pasternak.

He adds that this also affects the higher prices for services, which could also affect the hotel business. – There is already information Hotel occupancy this year Much less than last year. Some also expect to postpone the peak tourist season for this year this year. So, in my opinion, it’s too early to draw conclusions and formulate predictions about the further state of the hotel industry – it just sums it up.

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